Garamond - grafické studio a tiskárna


Who we are

About the company
We are a modern Czech printing house with our own graphic studio and a wide range of services in the field of bookbinding, personalization and completion of printed materials. We are active on the market since 1995 and have constantly expanded our activities.

Our aim is customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is professionalism combined with quality interpersonal relationships both with our clients and internally within the company.

We are aware that success is built mainly on people. At A.R.Garamond we have a stable and experienced team.

Our team

Ladislav Poráč – company management
Ladislav has more than 20 years of experience in the printing industry. He has successfully managed the design studio since 1995; in 2000 he became co-owner of the printing house and in 2006 he added printing and bookbinding services to A.R.Garamond.

Mirka Poráčová – company management
Mirka has worked in brand marketing; she has gathered her 15 of years experience at Unilever and later at Insiqua and Maspex ČR. She has worked for A.R. Garamond since 2009.

Marcel Jambor – head sales manager
Marcel is experienced sales manager, who is developing our sales department since 2018.

Monika Herrová – head client service manager
Monika has been working on different management positions in FMCG, mainly in logistics. She is a head of client service in A.R.Garamond since 2017.

Jaroslav Lazar – DTP manager
Jaroslav is working in polygraphy since 2000 on various positions, both in production and sales. He is a head of DTP in A.R.Garamond since 2016.

Jiří Smíšek – head printer
Jiří is a skilled printing graduate. Before he joined A.R.Garamond in 2007 he worked in the field of screen printing.

Zuzana Hippmanová – office manager
Zuzka gained an experience working for non profit organisations and she is part of our team from 2018. She takes care of office management, organisation of transport and invoicing.

Roman Hájek – driver
Following on for his previous practice as a driver he has worked at A.R.Garamond since 2012.


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