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What our clients have said about us:

“There are many printing houses and finding someone to print you something for two pence cheaper per piece is always possible. But in the case of printing (as with any purchased service) quality and speed (or keeping within required deadlines) are important for us as is a thinking person on the side of the supplier. We found all of this at Garamond, it is a private company where the owners understand that their clients are living people and not pests. Therefore, we like to print there and we have yet to encounter a problem we cannot solve. And back to the beginning - the prices are also good!”

Ing. Michal Bauer
Partner and Director of the marketing company S.E.N. s.r.o.

“We have cooperated with the Garamond studio on our translated books for several years. We value their creativity, flexibility, reliability, willingness and commitment to high speed in solving problems. Together we have many beautiful titles (Pompeii, Paris, Cuba Painting from A to Z - see and a great many editions (e.g. a number of large pictorial guides - Astronomy, Weather, Sea & Oceans, Trees, etc.) as well as a catalogue of our publications 08/09.”

Ivana Nováková
Book publishing Rebo Productions CZ, spol. s r.o.

“We have cooperated with A.R.Garamond s.r.o. for several years. Our range of orders is quite broad but be they small materials in the framework of our activities (invitations, greeting cards, leaflets, souvenirs, etc.) or the promotion of large events which require many different types of printed materials in large quantities (posters, brochures, etc. .) we have always meet with helpfulness, willingness and flexibility - and the result is high quality and professional work.”

Agnes Churánov
Prague Archbishopric

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